VALENTIN NUGMANOV is a multilingual strategy consultant with an extensive international experience across six countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Russia).


He holds a doctorate in Management Science and a Specialist degree in Advertising from Moscow Polytechnic University, as well as several Master's degrees.


These include a Master's in Urban Studies, funded by the EU's Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, from the University of Genoa and the University of Seville, a Master's in Innovation Management from Paris-Dauphine University and Mines ParisTech, and a Master's in Sociology from the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences and Moscow State University.

Brand_Strategy_ Blueprint™

is an easy-to-use roadmap for creating unique brands. Whatever be your industry, it will guide you through the key milestones of  brand strategy development.

The Problem Point


Get to the bottom of it.

The Opportunity Square


Get on top of it.

The Strategy Triangle


Set the scene.

Connect the dots.

Fill in the blanks.

Being unique is a universal answer  to why consumers should choose your company, your product, your brand: Why should they choose you?

Unique_A_Blueprint_for_Brand_Strategy is a primer on a do-it-yourself brand strategy.

Expanding on Brand_ Strategy_Blueprint™, it offers a simple and practical step-by-step guide conceived to accompany the daily work of a brand strategist.

Case Master Series

Case Master is an award-winning collection of thoughtful practice cases for consulting which will enable you to get a competitive edge for your upcoming case interviews. Case Master cases are all made to the highest standard and are custom-designed for optimal preparation and achieving mastery of all the core skills for case interviews: analysis, synthesis, calculation, estimation, and creativity.

Maximizing the breadth and depth of your learning, Case Master is the only resource to offer concept-driven cases, challenging blindspots, “guesstimateable” axis variables, customizable case difficulty, and handy case kits for partner practice. Alone or with a practice partner, with Case Master you will scrutinize all fundamental case types (profit-and-loss, sales growth, market entry, investment, and counter-competition) and you will learn:

  • 1 set of universal business categories applicable to any consulting case,
  • 2 meanings of “positioning” and 3 meanings of “push vs. pull,”
  • 4 types of economic inputs and outputs,
  • 10 trending concepts to expand your problem-solving toolkit,
  • 40 essential business metrics and terms,
  • and much more at Case Master Club online.

Whether you are a graduate student or an experienced professional seeking to break into strategy consulting, Case Master will be an investment into your professional future and will help you develop higher levels of both competence and confidence. Go beyond the resources that competing contenders already know and dare to become a Case Master.

Framework is the only resource that offers a comprehensive guide to the most challenging part of a consulting case interview: structuring.

Required of candidates in the decisive first minutes of a case interview, a case structure forms the interviewer’s first impression of your preparedness, creates an expectation about your upcoming performance, and lays the groundwork for asking the right questions and ultimately cracking the case.

Framework presents for the first time a detailed classification of the business challenges that strategy consultants confront and a state-of-the-art framework to ace each one of them. Doing so, it takes a company-neutral approach and lays out a universal method that is relevant throughout consulting companies rather than referencing a single firm’s school of thought.

Written in plain English and featuring beginner-friendly definitions, Framework helps you instantly improve your case structuring skills and immediately solve cases like a professional consultant.

With Framework Part One you will master the predominant problem-based cases and learn:

  • 2 types of business challenges and 4 types of framework building blocks,
  • 5 background questions to customize frameworks to the case at hand
  • 6 problem-based case types and 4 common spins on the base types,
  • 10 blindspots and 20 focus points, and
  • 1 example recommendation per case with the typical next steps.

    Business Mental Math redefines mental math by offering you an easy-to-follow algorithm for each arithmetic operation —addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division— and a bonus one for validating results. Concise and presented in plain English, these ready-made algorithms allow you to make optimal choices within an inventory of mental math techniques to ace any calculation.

    To practice the algorithms, Business Mental Math offers relevant exercises set in real-world business contexts, asking you to compute values for useful business metrics.

    Devoid of theoretical and historical digressions, Business Mental Math sets one practical goal: to help you make quick and accurate computations in your mind, so that you can shine in case interviews and excel at graduate-level standardized tests.

    From Business Mental Math you will learn:

    • easy-to-follow algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and validation,
    • 3 types of memory aids to further simplify calculations,
    • 48 essential business metrics to apply in your professional life,
    • 280 practice calculations set in actual business contexts,
    • a recap on fractional numbers (fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, and rates),
    • a proven technique for the estimation of square roots and percent change, including exponential growth and compound interest,
    • and unit conversion tips (length, area, volume, time, speed, weight, temperature, data, and currency).
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